Rebounding for Better Health and Healing from Lymphoma

What is the RX for good mental health, lymphatic drainage, aching sore muscles and over all better health? More motion! And what is more fun than rebounding! Especially when your time is very limited and you just don’t have time to go to the gym, the beach for a swim or go for a long walk. When I am on a design deadline or I am writing and putting out a blog post I love to take breaks throughout the day even if it is for just five minutes on my rebounder.

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Model Lindsay  wearing workout outfit made from recycled plastic bottles  by Threads 4 Thought available at Wholefoods Market or go to  for a retailor near you.

Pacing briskly for 1 minute each hour cuts stiffness and soreness in half, Mini boosts of motion boost the output of pain-soothing hormones and rev blood flow to flush pain-triggering inflammation from tissue.

Strong legs are linked to a younger brain and a strong memory according to a study in the journal of gerontology. Study author Claire Steves, PH.D., explains that physical activity to build leg strength stimulates the release of a hormone that encourages the growth and repair of brain cells.

So what are some the benefits of rebounding?

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduces body fat
  • Firms your legs, thighs , arms, hips and abdomen
  • Increases your agility
  • Improves your sense of balance
  • Beneficial to your lymph system
  • Increases feel good endorphins
  • Detoxification
  • Less shock (impact) to legs and joints

And last but not least it’s just plain fun!


I first started using a rebounder after I was diagnosed with lymphoma in my spleen, along with juicing and eating a vegan diet. I did my research and found out that rebounding was good for the lymph system which the spleen is part of.

I went to many doctors for years complaining of a long list of symptom’s the main ones were being so tired throughout the day having no energy and then not being able to go to sleep at night and body aches and pain. I asked if it could be my hormones after all I was in my 40’s, and I was told no, and that they were normal. After many tests they told me I had nodules in my spleen that was lymphoma. I told the doctor that I had switch to a wholefoods plant based diet and I was juicing and starting to feel a little better. He said it was too late for that.

At the first oncologist/hematologist appointment I told the doctor that I would not remove my spleen, or do radiation or chemotherapy. I agreed to scans of the spleen to be sure it was not growing (It was not) and continued my diet.

After a year of going from one doctor to another with no help I ended up at an alternative medicine doctor that specialized in nutrition and bioidentical hormone replacement. And found out my adrenal gland was not producing enough cortisol (the cause of my symptoms). And after being placed on bioidentical hormones and vitamin supplements I began to feel better, have more energy.  And years later my final scan of my spleen it showed it was clear of the nodules.

Since the adrenal gland is affected by stress, the alternative medical doctor recommended I make changes to reduce stress and handle stress better. I left my stressful job and opened my own design business where I had less stress and worked less hours and had more time for family, friends and fun. More time for exercise, church and prayer and meditation. I created a garden as part of my healing environment and I bought a rebounder.

If I had not gone to the doctor complaining about my symptoms of adrenal fatigue in the first place they would not have found the nodules in my spleen.   I was lucky that the scans found the nodules in my spleen that were not producing the symptoms and that I was able to work on getting my lymph system in perfect working order by making diet and lifestyle changes such as; rebounding, juicing and making my own skin beauty products.

Two years ago I had a final scan of my spleen and it was clear of nodules. I had one person say that maybe I was miss diagnosed with Lymphoma. I had five doctors confirm it, and I went to three oncologist-hematologists. One said he agreed with me that my symptoms were unrelated to the lymphoma; the second one said I had mild lymphoma and the third one told me he thought my symptoms were unrelated to the lymphoma in my spleen and told me to see an endocrinologist.

So were eight doctors wrong? I certainly had multiple growths in my spleen that is for certain. Or did I stumble upon a cure for lymphoma? There are a lot of people that would agree that there are natural cures for cancer (more on this in an upcoming post). Is it possible that the answer to curing cancer is diet, exercise and eliminating or reducing environmental toxins?

Studies have shown that rebounding is good for you, but there are good ones and bad ones out there, expensive ones and inexpensive ones. When shopping for a rebounder I could not find any to try out in a sporting goods store and had to order one online and went with one with a five star review. I spent about $50.00 on mine and spent the extra money to get one that had a safety bar.

This information is based on my research and personal experience, as with any new form of exercise check with your doctor first to make sure you are healthy enough for exercise and start out slowly and build up to your tolerance level. I forgot I wasn’t seventeen anymore and started jumping too high right away and my foot was sore for a few days and I had to rest it. When I started up again I did stretching of my feet first while sitting at the computer and took it slow.

So take it slow, build up your strength, have fun and don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling for no reason at all!


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