Healing Your Body from Cancer

When diagnosed with Lymphoma and fatty liver ten years ago, I was in a panic because I believed what traditional medical doctors do about cancer that it is a death sentence. Once I found out it didn’t have to be I had hope. So I took my health out of the Doctors hands and into my own.  And it was very empowering.

A neighbor of mine brought me a book “Gods Way to Ultimate Health” written by Pastor George Malkmus who was diagnosed with colon cancer.  He watched his mother go through traditional cancer treatment for the same disease years earlier, and he saw her suffer while she did everything her doctors told her to do, surgery, chemo, and radiation and she died anyway.  He thought there has to be a better way so as a Pastor he turned to the source he knew best the Bible.

“And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed: to you, it shall be for meat”. Genesis 1:29

Rev. George Malkmus also noticed that his grandparents who were in their 90’s were healthy, active, and still working on their farm while eating an unprocessed plant-based diet. His mother was a nurse and moved to the city and ate a highly processed diet and was riddled with disease.

So he changed his lifestyle and turned to eating a mostly raw plant-based diet, along with juicing and cured himself of cancer. He went on to start Hallelujah Acres and wrote the books the Hallelujah Diet and Why Christians Get Sick.

On the first visit to the Hematologist/ Oncologist, I was told the lymphoma was in my spleen and we went over my scans and reports. I told him I had changed my diet and lifestyle and was juicing a raw vegan diet and was feeling better. He told me it was too late for that. I told them that would not let them take out my spleen or do radiation or chemo. I think he was in shock!

I agreed to scans of the spleen to be sure it was not growing (It was not) and continued my diet and juicing. I also bought a rebounder which has been shown to be good for the lymph system, plus it is a fun low impact way to exercise.

After a year of going from one Doctor to another with no help, I ended up at an alternative medicine doctor that specialized in nutrition and bioidentical hormone replacement. She said I could have lived with the lymphoma for years before I had symptoms and that my symptoms were not from the lymphoma.

What she told me was that my adrenal gland was not producing enough cortisol (the cause of my symptoms).  And after being placed on bioidentical hormones and vitamin supplements I began to feel better, and have more energy

Since the Adrenal gland is affected by stress, the alternative medical Doctor recommended I make changes to reduce stress and handle stress better. I left my stressful job and opened my own business where I had less stress and worked fewer hours and had more time for family, friends, and fun. More time for exercise, church and prayer, and meditation. I created a garden as part of my healing environment.

I did liver cleanses, took milk thistle for my liver and juiced fruits and vegetables, and removed processed foods and sugars from my diet.  I have stuck to this lifestyle change except to add ocean caught fish to my diet.

And years later my final scan of my spleen and my liver it showed it was clear of the nodules.

About the same time that I had the lymphoma diagnosis I was also diagnosed with skin cancer on my calf on my leg and had it removed. I had thought skin cancer was because of excessive sun exposure and yet I tried to stay out of the sun and limit my exposure by wearing sunscreen on my legs, a long-sleeved rash guard shirt and a hat while in the sun, so why did I get skin cancer if that was true.

I began researching skin cancer and found many doctors and researchers that said that avoiding the sun and slathering on sunscreen was not the answer to preventing skin cancer, it hadn’t worked for me. They actually recommended sun exposure to optimize vitamin D levels and to fortify your diet with antioxidants and other nutrients.

And when I researched whether sunscreens were safe I was surprised to find out that the ingredients in most sunscreens were killing the coral reefs. Oxybenzone one ingredient caused endocrine disruption, DNA damage and the death of the coral reefs.  Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide natural mineral ingredients have not been shown to be harmful to the reefs. To read more go to www.Cdhc.noaa.gov

So it made me wonder, how bad was sunscreen was for our skin.  What I found was that the same thing that it was doing to the coral reefs it was also doing to us. The endocrine disruptors can lead to infertility, endometriosis in a woman and low sperm count in men, breast and ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

And then I found it, the skin cancer triggering ingredient= Retinal palmitate a form of vitamin A.  How bad could a form of vitamin A be? Government studies show it could speed the development of skin tumors and lesions.

So I extended my healing diet to my skin as well and began to make my own skin care products out of healthy plant-based ingredients. I also made sure I got a healthy dose of vitamin D.  The Skin is the body’s largest external organ so why would we not feed it the same healthy ingredients that we feed our internal organs? I use vegetable oils like olive, coconut, avocado oils, and vegetable glycerin and raw or Manuka honey and essential oils in my skin care products.

If you only use the traditional medicine approach to overcoming disease within the body, you will never get to the underlining cause of the disease and it will come back. Many want that one pill that will fix a lifetime of poor eating and lifestyle habits. Instead look to food as medicine to heal the body, a healthy plant-based diet and exercise will boost the immune system to fight off disease. You also need to remove unhealthy toxins such as smoking, alcohol, drugs and processed foods that are causing disease.

If we believe only what just traditional medicine tells us about health and healing based only on what we are told, that there is no cure then there is no hope. But if you have faith in what is not seen or known to the medical community… and you rely on faith and what God tells us about nutrition and healing you will have hope. God created a perfect system for healing the body if given a chance.

I’m not a healthcare professional I can only tell you what I researched and what worked for me. If you are here reading this and you are looking for answers to your health and healing, I hope and pray you will find what works for you.

As described in the Holy Scriptures:

“Take also unto thee WHEAT and BARLEY and BEANS, and LENTILS, and MILLET, and SPELT, and put them in one vessel, and make bread of it….

Ezekiel 4:9                                                                                                                                          

 Katheryn De Wolfe is an interior designer and specializes in healing and eco-friendly environments, ADA handicap barrier-free design, photography, and art. She lives in Lake Worth, Florida and can be reached at 561-364-0074.

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