Fall Decor Ideas; Falling in Love with Fall


I love fall in south Florida, because the weather is getting cooler less humid, and of course I love decorating for fall. Neighbors come out of their houses more when it cools off and it’s nice to get out in the garden and do some gardening.

I also love to create holiday and seasonal decorations that can be reused year to year in a new way while not having a storage problem to store all my decorations. I know some people who rent storage units just for their holiday decorations even though they have large garages.



To minimize storage while changing outside decorations, I bought two twig wreaths from Michele’s Crafts and I reuse them for each season by just changing out the ribbons and flowers. As the ribbons and flowers get dirty and aged by the sun, I discard them and replace them the next time I need them, but the twig wreaths stay on the doors all year which minimizes storage. I also change the greenery in my planters in front from season to season.



I love the way the luxury homes in the north decorate their homes for the seasons. I use a combination of real pumpkins and flowers because in south Florida the real ones don’t last as long as in the cooler northern states.

Last year I used real fresh pumpkins for my topiary in front of the house and they rotted and smelled so bad I had to throw them away the day before Halloween because is not the kind of trick or treat you want to welcome your guests  with!

So this year I made them with faux pumpkins from Michele’s. They were on sale and 50% off plus an additional 30% so they were fairly inexpensive and easy to make. I just pried off the stems and hot glued them together. Pumpkin topiaries that I have seen in magazines and at stores cost over a hundred dollars each.


  1. Pry off stem


2. Push in leaves into center of first pumpkin and then hot glue second pumpkin onto first pumpkin after removing stem.


3. Glue third pumpkin onto second pumpkin.


My cat Zoe just happens to walk out and pose for the picture how perfect is that?

In the house for the dining room table, I used a combo of faux gold pumpkins, pine cones, and leaves to decorate the table, for a festive look all the way through Thanksgiving, which I purchased from Michele’s also.


If you live near some pine trees you can usually pick up pine cones right off the ground. Then I took gold and silver paint and painted them.

One of the reasons I like to use some real pumpkins in my decorating is that I love to roast the pumpkins seeds which are a tradition in our house and make pumpkin soup, another favorite.


I hope this will help you start your fall decorating ideas and fall in love with fall.

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