Disclosure Policy

Dear Readers,

I think it is important for anyone reading this blog to know where I am coming from and why I am writing and sharing my ideas for design and healthy living, and to disclose how I make money or more like don’t make money.

At this time I do not make any money from my blog for indorsements and recommendations and I promise I will let my readers know when or if I ever do. I will promise to disclose freebies if someone where to send me a product to try out, not all bloggers do but they are not me. The http://Federal Trade Commission has rules about paid for content, and so do search engines like Google. It is important for me that you trust what I write about, sometimes it will be factual, backed up by data and sometimes I will be just stating my opinion.

I started this blog to drive readers to my Interior design website www.dewolfeinteriors.com and to showcase my design work and portrait paintings and attract new clients. I have been a designer since 1984 when I graduated from college and landed my first job as a designer working for Burdines department store. I worked as a director of design for Bloomindales department stores before opening my own design business. I was working as an interiors designer until March 18, 2010 when while at a client’s home I received a call that my Beautiful daughter Joran was in a serious auto accident and was at the hospital.


My daughter Joran age 20 was hit by a SUV and suffered a TBI traumatic brain injury. I knew it would be months even years of recovery, and she would need someone to advocate for her since she could not speak or care for herself.

20 a Joran at Delray Med Center

I scaled down my design business to take care of her for 5 ½ years. A designer turned nurse without the education and training. I bathed her changed her; fed her through her feeding tube when she needed her trach (tracheotomy) suctioned I did that also. Night and day I turned her and changed her so she would not get bed sores seven days a week 24 hours a day, it was an intensive labor of love.

20 Day I brought Joran home

I brought her home on Hospice after a hospital antibiotic resistant infection that went into sepsis and went through her whole body and to her brain causing more brain damage. I prayed to God for a way to save her and I started feeding her homemade bolus feedings through her tube. She began to improve; cognitively she was more aware of her surroundings. She was able to get the tracheotomy tube removed, started to eat homemade baby food by mouth and drink sips of thickened water. She eventually was able to have the feeding tube removed, and eat all her meals by mouth.

After she had surgery on her legs and could stand again, I researched a standing Hoyer so I could stand her and transfer her from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to commode. I found a used walker that I could strap her into that was safe so I could teach her to walk again, always with high fives and dark chocolate as a reward.


25 Joran in walker


With no help from doctors and the medical community on how to care for someone in her condition, I read and researched all I could to help my daughter. Journaling and writing updates on her progress as we went, was both healing and helped me to feel connected with the outside community, family and friends.

It was the hardest, most challenging and fulfilling job I ever had. Watching her improve and heal, seeing her smile in spite of her daily struggles, she had amazing strength and will to live. But what I loved the most about taking care of her was her love, gratitude and making her laugh. She had an amazing sense of humor and had the ability to smile and laugh in one of the most difficult life situation imaginable.

She had a great love and appreciation for the small things in life; her family that took care of her, a good meal, floating in the pool on a warm and sunny day, a piece of good dark chocolate and a hug. Something we could all learn from.

24 swimming with mom (2)

I never expected anything less than a complete recovery for Joran.

When she suddenly passed away in July 2015 I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do with myself. She was my daughter,  my friend, my job, an inspiration and purpose for living. What was I to do with my life now? How was I to go on living?

How do you pick up the pieces, find a purpose  and start over? For 5 1/2 years I work on a referral basis on hourly design consultations, and had not marketed or advertised my design business.  I have no idea where the idea of a blog came from, maybe God?

The blog seemed like a good way to combine my design knowledge and writing with my healing/caregiving knowledge. I had taken classes on green design and healing environments and had incorporated them into Joran’s healing environment. Journaling and writing became a way to heal from loss and to connect with others.

It is my hope and prayer that I can use my knowledge and experience with handicap design and healing environments into helping other families who have a child with a TBI or who have lost a child, to bring awareness, hope and healing to their lives.

Thank you for reading and supporting me on this new journey, I appreciated any and all thoughtful and inspiring input from my readers. I hope to live up to your expectations, and not forget my favorite bible verse, Philippian 4:13. But most of all I want to honor my daughter Joran and be strong, smile and find humor in the little things in life as she did in spite of her pain and struggles.


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