Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Home that won’t Break the Bank


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate for the Christmas holidays by using some decorative items you already have and a little planning. You can start looking for pine cones in the parks where you go to play with the kids or to work out. Once you have collected a bushel of pine cones you will be almost ready to decorate.

Next when you go to get your Christmas tree, collect the leftover branches. Take a large garbage bag with you and fill it up with branches.


For Free! Love the sign!


You may already know if you have read my previous posts, that I take my twig wreaths and change out the ribbons and flowers for the seasons. For these wreaths and planters, I added cuttings from the Christmas tree lot. It’s a no glue DIY project, just stick them into the twigs and tie the ribbon on with floral wire. I bought ribbons from Michael’s for 70% off which help extend my decor budget!


Don’t forget your outside light fixtures, you may want to use artificial tree branches because the heat from the light may cook real branches, also south Florida is too hot and they will turn brown if in direct sunlight.


From the store get gold spray paint if you like a little holiday glitz, and some sprigs of fruit and/or berries and some poinsettia sprigs. You’ll also want the small sets of 25 lights they come in the plug-in and the battery type which is great for a dining table decorating where you don’t want a cord to show. If you want a little bling to your arrangement, use the gold spray paint to lightly spray the tips of the pine cones, and let dry.


Now you are ready to start decorating.  For a beautiful dining table arrangement first lay down a table runner in a solid color, reds, burgundy and gold’s make a nice foundation for your arrangement especially if you have a glass table. If you have a wood table or an oval you may want to skip the runner.


Next add candlesticks or candelabra, lay out some small white battery operated Christmas lights and hide the battery box under the runner. Now you are ready to add the fresh Christmas tree greenery. Take pruning sheers and cut the large branches into smaller branches and arrange around the candelabra spread out lengthwise along the runner to your desired length leaving room at the ends of the table for a place setting, continue until you have the desired fullness to the arrangement.


Now you are ready to add the pine cones, poinsettia sprigs, fruit sprigs and or berries, tuck them in so that the stems don’t show, turn on the lights and light the candles and you now have a beautiful fresh arrangement for a few dollars that looks like you spent a fortune on.


You can also do the same thing to your fireplace or buffet. You can also take an existing large bowl that you already have and fill it with pine cones add sprigs of fruit or berries and some cut fresh pine. Also, check out your dollar store they sometimes have nice Christmas accents to add to your arrangement.



This tree DIY project looks great natural or spray painted gold for a more elegant look.


To make a small decorative tree like this one, first find some tree branches laying in the yard, with a little early planning you won’t have to cut branches from a tree that doesn’t need pruning! Next prune the branches to the desired length. Buy a large Styrofoam tree from the craft store; push the cut sticks into the Styrofoam tree.  Take an inexpensive terracotta planter, put cut Styrofoam hot glue in the center of the pot and stick the tree into it, hot glue and hold in place until dry. Hot glue pine cones all over it or add some fruit and berry sprigs if you desire. Add some dry moss to cover the Styrofoam and you are finished!



If you have hurricane glass jars or vases you can make them more festive by adding your long stem candles and then add fresh cranberries around them to hold them up and add a festive bow around the glass. You can also use nuts in the shell for a more natural look or small gold or colored Christmas bulbs for a more contemporary look.


My first Christmas while in college I didn’t have enough money for ornaments or a tree, so free pinecones and Christmas tree branches went a long way to making my home festive for the holidays!

When decorating for the holidays, don’t be afraid to try something new because it is only for a short time and there is always next year to try again. And remember that in Christmas decorating on a budget, you’re only limited by your imagination.

If you have money but no time to decorate for Christmas, give De Wolfe Interiors a call and we can do it for you!

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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