How Hiring an Interior Designer can save your Design Project -Before and After Photos

Sometimes there is the client that just needs a little help with their home and they don’t have a large budget.  These can be very rewarding and appreciating clients because they have already tried to do their home design on their own and know that they have failed.  They really appreciate a designer’s knowledge and expertise.

This client had already attempted the design of their new home on their own and they were very unhappy with the results and called me to help them.

Living room before:

They were trying to go for a French Country style but they ended up with a living room was overcrowded and didn’t have the proper scale and balance, one of the main reasons someone may be unhappy with the design of a home and not know why after they have spent a lot of money buying furniture they love.

We got rid of one sofa and repurposed it in another room and added two comfy chairs. I also designed new window treatments to hang over the transom window, which I do in the majority of cases adding height to the room.

 Living room after:

In their dining room, the dining table was too skimpy for the room and the color on the bottom which she loved was so dark in comparison to the top. She also complained about the lack of warmth in the room.

Dining Room before:

Since this job had a very limited budget we moved the dining room table to the kitchen to replace breakfast table which was too small.

Dining room after:

Here we use a new dining room table and chairs and painted above the chair rail for balance and warmth.

Kitchen before:


Kitchen after: 

We repurposed the dining room table in the kitchen to save money and the style and size was perfect for the space.

Bedroom Before:

This bed and the sofa were too large and overpowered this bedroom and there were too many vertical lines going on between the bed post and the stripes on the walls.

Bedroom after:

Sometimes they need a lot of help such in this Florida pool house room. When the couple bought this house it had water damage and the husband wanted her to have a place in the house to call her own that reflected her style.

Pool house room before:

I called her my pink lady because she was a lady in every sense of the word and she wanted the room light and bright and pink and turquoise, so that is what we did.

This Florida room off the pool had been an addition and it was not done well in the first place. The Jalousie windows did not let in light even though there were a lot of them; one set faced the wall of the garage and a breezeway to the pool. The other set faced the pool but did not allow access. The only means of egress was a small door to the breezeway and garage.

Pool house during renovation:

We closed off the one set of jalousie windows with drywall and sheet rock and removed the others adding a floor to ceiling sliding glass door.

Because the ceiling was only seven feet tall I choose to use the same color on the floors, walls, and ceiling, along with taking the window and window treatment to the ceiling gave an illusion of height to the room.

Pool house after:

Since it was a long and narrow room I split it up into two sitting areas, one for TV watching and cocktails and one for playing card games or eating. Because the ceilings were only seven feet tall, I designed a bar and TV cabinet that was shorter than a standard cabinet to give the illusion that the ceilings were not so low. The mirror reflected the view and the light from the outside.

Pool house after:

So whatever your design style and budget a designer should be able to work with you and create the home that reflects your style in good taste, with good balance, and proportion so that you will love to come home to it for many years to come.

Katheryn De Wolfe-Walker is a licensed Interior Designer ID#320, with 25 years’ experience. De Wolfe Interiors works in all phases of residential and commercial design from turn-key projects to hourly design consultations. She can be reached at 561-364-0074,

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