6 Reasons to use Custom Built-ins over Pre-made Manufactured Furniture

Custom built-ins can offer many decorating solutions that prefab furniture cannot, and can add beautiful design features to your home.


  1. More storage space than ready-made;


This home office is in a small home and a small room and the owners needed a lot of storage for samples for the business. We would not have been able to get the amount of storage needed if we went with ready-made furniture. There are file drawers under the window seat that doubles as seating for the room. When the work day is done it can be used as a den for watching TV.


  1. Custom banquet offers more seating than just chairs would;


This client had a large family that they needed to be able to seat around the kitchen table. So a banquet was the perfect solution.



  1. Create more than one use out of room;

wetenstein-den3     wittenstein-den2 

This homeowner had a small two bedroom condo and wanted to use one of the bedrooms as both a TV room and a guest room when they had overnight guests. Custom made murphy beds were the perfect solution. There are two twin murphy beds on each side of the TV that pull down at night when they have company. The leather club chairs are small recliners for use when relaxing and watching TV.


  1. Create a useful space out of a small unused space;

 pollicci-wallunit-closed    pollicci-wallunit-open


These homeowners needed a home office for their vacation home for the husband to work in when in town, but they didn’t want to give up one of the bedrooms. This custom built-in provide the office space needed in the loft which was a small unused space before. The computer, printer, fax, chair, and clutter all fit inside the unit when not in use.


  1. Create additional closet and storage in a bedroom that looks like a piece of furniture;


This couple needed an additional closet in their bedroom for the husband because there was only one closet and the wife needed the closet all for herself.  They also wanted a full-length mirror so I combined both into one unit, which created a lot of storage in this small space.

6. To create a unique one of a kind piece that no one else has;



Some people want something no one else has, and this couple wanted something unique and artsy when you entered their home, so I contracted an artist to create this one of a kind piece.

The trend to downsize to smaller homes and spaces creates the need to have furniture that can be used to maximize the small spaces that have more than one use. So if you have special needs in your home you may want to consider having furniture custom designed to meet your needs and your family’s.


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Katheryn de Wolfe Walker is a licensed interior designer who lives in Palm Beach County that has been practicing interior design in South Florida for 30 years. She can be reached at 561-364-0074, dewolfeinteriors@comcast.net, www.dewolfeinteriors.com, www.Houzz.com , or like us or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.  She also used to write for the Palm Beach Post “Tips from the Home Team” and “Where the Pros live”